Marcos E. Domínguez Arriola

Academic title(s): 

PhD student

Marcos E. Domínguez Arriola
Dr. Marc Pell (Supervisor)
Contact Information
Email address: 
marcos.dominguezarriola [at]

BA in Psychology (University of Guadalajara)

MSc in Neurobiology (Institute of Neurobiology - National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Research areas: 
Cognitive Neuroscience
Social cognition
Speech perception
Current research: 

I am interested in understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms that underlie social interactions and communication. Specifically, I want to understand the mechanisms underlying reward perception and engagement in conversational speech using neuroimaging techniques such as EEG. I am also fascinated by the ways in which speakers synchronize with one another during conversation, and how this affects speech perception and representation. I am also interested in investigating the role of pragmatic and social evaluation in communication, and how these factors influence our perceptions of others. Finally, I am intrigued by accent perception, and how we use linguistic cues to make judgments about others. Through my research, I hope to shed light on these complex processes and contribute to a greater understanding of how we communicate and interact with one another in diverse contexts.

Selected publications: 

Domínguez-Arriola, M. E., Olalde-Mathieu, V. E., Garza-Villarreal, E. A., & Barrios, F. A. (2022). The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex presents structural variations associated with empathy and emotion regulation in psychotherapists. Brain Topography, 35(5-6), 613–626.

PhD Student
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