Marcos E. Domínguez Arriola

Academic title(s): 

PhD student

Marcos E. Domínguez Arriola
Dr. Marc Pell (Supervisor)
Contact Information
Email address: 
marcos.dominguezarriola [at]

BA in Psychology (University of Guadalajara)

MSc in Neurobiology (Institute of Neurobiology - National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Research areas: 
Cognitive Neuroscience
Second language acquisition
Current research: 

I am interested in knowing more about the role of pragmatic and prosodic components of communication in second language (L2) interactional proficiency, and how individual differences (social processing skills, context of learning, etc.) have an impact on this. I am especially interested in utilizing neuroimaging techniques to better understand how L2 learners with different characteristics process pragmatic and prosodic information in the language they are learning. This research can help devise strategies to improve L2 learners' interactional development.

Selected publications: 

Domínguez-Arriola, M. E., Olalde-Mathieu, V. E., Garza-Villarreal, E.A. & Barrios, F. (2021). The Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Presents Structural Variations Associated with Empathic Capacity in Psychotherapists.

PhD Student
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