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Pathology Fellowship Training Opportunities starting on July 1st 2022 to June 30, 2023

Applications opens May 15 2021 to September 01 2021

Information on Fellowships offered in Pathology can be found at under Pathology and Fellowship Eligibility Requirements are posted on the PGME website at:

The Department of Pathology of McGill University offers advanced pathology training in the following sub-specialties:


Area of Focused Competence in Cytopathology (AFC-cyto) training

In May 2014, McGill University received accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) for the newly developed Area of Focused Competence (AFC) Diploma Program in Cytopathology (AFC-Cytopathology), thus becoming the first accredited AFC Program at McGill University.

The McGill AFC-Cytopathology Program consists of 1 year of additional training after residency in either Anatomical Pathology or General Pathology, and is competency-based. The trainees will be involved in all aspects of cytopathology, including interpretation of specimens, management of the laboratory, performance and rapid on-site assessment of fine needle aspirations, selection/interpretation of ancillary studies, and scholarly projects.

The cytological specimens handled at the McGill University Health Centre include approximately 50,000 gynecological specimens per year (including approximately 7000 colposcopic specimens) as well as 10,000 non-gynecological specimens (including approximately 4000 fine needle aspirates). Exposure to liquid-based cytology is provided.

The AFC-Cytopathology trainee who will graduate from the McGill AFC-Cytopathology program will receive a Diploma certificate from the RCPSC (the DRCPSC) and will be equipped with the leadership and consultant skills required to respond competently to the rapidly evolving field of Cytopathology.

Length: 1 year
Number of positions: 1
Type of program: Clinical

Information about the McGill AFC-Cytopathology program can be found at

Please note that the application period for the academic year 2023-2024 is from Feb 15th to May 1st, 2022.

AFC-cyto Director  Dr. Manon Auger email: manon.auger [at] (Dr. Manon Auger)(manon.auger [at]

                        phone 934-1934 ext. 38772



The fellowship will be principally based at the McGill University Health Centre, Royal Victoria site.  The diagnostic service responsibilities will focus on diagnostic Hematopathology involving the review of anatomic pathology material, specifically lymph nodes, spleen and other hematopoietic and extranodal sites with reactive or malignant lymphoid and related disorders.  In addition, this will include the review of bone marrow core biopsies.  There will also be exposure to Molecular pathology as it relates to diagnosis in Hematopathology, and to Flow Cytometry as it relates to diagnosis on lymph nodes and related extranodal sites.

Hematopathology Director Dr. Rene P. Michel email: rene.michel [at] (Dr. Rene Michel)

phone 934-1934 ext. 38779


Neuromuscular Pathology

The Neuromuscular Pathology Fellowship provides the trainee with exposure to patients with diseases of the nerve and muscle and will be under the supervision of Drs. O’Ferrall and Karamchandani. Dr. O’Ferrall is a neuromuscular neurologist with a focus on muscle disease. She performs the muscle biopsy procedure and provides consultation in EMG and Neuromuscular clinics. Her areas of interest include genetically-determined myopathies and inflammatory muscle diseases. Dr. Karamchandani is a neuropathologist with interest in neuromuscular diseases. He is interested in exploiting informatics combined with new genetic techniques, including RNA sequencing, to improve diagnostic resolution. The Neuromuscular group also consists of other clinicians including: Drs. Brais, Chalk, Gendron, Massie, Oskoui, Poulin, Rouleau and Genge. Dr. Bernard Brais is a Neurogeneticist with expertise in the clinical and genetic aspects of neuromuscular diseases. Dr. Colin Chalk is the director of the Neuropathy and Myasthenia clinics at the Montreal General Hospital. Dr. Rami Massie is a neuromuscular specialist with a special interest in neuropathy and pathological interpretation of nerve biopsies. Dr. Guy Rouleau works on genetic diseases and has special interests in ALS and motor neuropathies. Drs. Oskoui and Poulin are Pediatric Neurologists with expertise in Neuromuscular Disorders. They offer a monthly multidisciplinary Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinic. Dr. Poulin also performs EMG evaluations for pediatric patients. The neuropathology group at the MNI also includes Drs. Steffen Albrecht (pediatric neuropathology) and Marie-Christine Guiot (adult neuropathology).  The MNI is in the process of recruiting a fourth neuropathologist at this time.

Program Director Drs. Erin O’Ferrall &  jason.karamchandani [at] (Jason Karamchandani),zu-hua.gao [at] ( )

phone : (514) 398-1904


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How to Apply


Interested candidates are invited to apply online: or contact Fellowships Administrator dolly.rabbath [at] (Dolly Rabbath)

For information pertaining to the Fellowships admission requirements, please consult the following:

In order for a physician to be able to be considered for a fellowship (post residency training) they must hold a specialty certificate from a Board or College. 

For information pertaining to all the fellowships offered by the Department of Pathology, please contact: [at] (s. Eileen Grenier) (Program Coordinator)

Complete files for eligible applicants will be sent by the Postgrad Admissions office to the Program Director. Incomplete files will not be considered. 

Please contact: [at] (Dolly Rabbath)
Fellowships Administrator
Faculty of Medicine
3655 Promenade Sir William Osler Room 601
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1Y6
Tel.: 514-398-8264
Fax: 514-398-3595

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