Finlayson Research Day

Finlayson Research Day is held each year by the Department of Pathology, in memory of Dr. Morrison H. Finlayson, who was on the staff at McGill for more than 20 years, as a pathologist at the Montreal General Hospital and an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology.

Dr. Finlayson received his MB, Ch.B from the University of Edinburgh and his residency training in neurology and pathology at the University of Alberta and at McGill. His major research interest was in neuropathology, and he published numerous research articles and case reports in this field. He was also an active member of many scientific associations, and became President of the Canadian Association of Neuropathologists and Vice-President of the International Society of Neuropathology. 

For many years Dr. Finlayson was also the Director of the McGill Residency Training Program in Pathology, and it is in this role that he is remembered with particular affection.  His concerns for the quality of education and for the well-being of each individual during the period of his or her training were deeply appreciated. For these reasons, the Department of Pathology holds an annual day in his honor. Following a special lecture by an invited speaker from outside of the University, brief research presentations are given by members currently enrolled in Residency Training and in the Graduate Studies Program. A prize is awarded for the best short presentation in each category, but the main goal is to provide a relaxed forum for the exchange of ideas between current members of the department who are investigating a wide range of different topics, and often work in separate geographical locations within the university hospital complex.  This interaction is further encouraged by the subsequent social events held in a very congenial environment.



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