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Does COVID-19 Mess with the Immune System?

10 Feb 2023

Have you heard that, apparently, COVID-19 is “airborne AIDS?”...

A Pro-Vaccine Documentary that Tackles Vaccine Hesitancy

3 Feb 2023

I often feel like there is a production line somewhere (possibly Florida) where anti-vaccine propaganda documentaries are quickly assembled and released on social media to garner millions of views....

The Anti-Vaccine Documentary Died Suddenly Wants You to Feel, Not Think

25 Nov 2022

People want to feel like their concerns are heard. Being dismissed can lead to loss of trust, which can send people looking for empathy in the wrong places.

The Evidence Shows Masks Work

18 Nov 2022

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette....

Claims of an Immunity Debt in Children Owe Us Evidence

11 Nov 2022

At the beginning of the fifth season of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we the audience are introduced to a character, Dawn, we have never seen before. Intriguingly, every character...

Granola and Guns: The Rise of Conspirituality

7 Oct 2022

I was interviewed by many journalists in 2020 about the pandemic, and the question they kept asking me was some version of, “What exactly is going on here?”...

Vitamin D is No Cure for COVID

23 Sep 2022

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette....

Eric Feigl-Ding, the Epidemiologist Who Moves Fast and Breaks Things

9 Sep 2022

The tweet that catapulted him to stardom began with the all-caps exclamation, “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.” This is not language we expect from scientists on Twitter, and certainly not something we would...


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