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Twisting Facts About Cancer

8 May 2024

Let’s start with some facts. Antiperspirants, cell phones, root canals or wired bras do not cause cancer. Sugar or dairy products do not “feed” the disease. You cannot cure cancer with an alkaline...

Springtime in Montreal Means the Scent of Asphalt is in the Air!

24 Apr 2024

So, what is asphalt and where does it come from? The source is petroleum, that dark viscous liquid found deep within the Earth, the product of once living organisms subjected to millennia of...

The Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Who Became His Own Patient

9 Feb 2024

For over 100 years the Nobel foundation has recognized outstanding individuals for contributions to their respective fields; however, the rules stipulate that prizes cannot be awarded posthumously....

Nanogold: From Ruby-red Glass to Possible Cancer Treatment

4 Aug 2023

Though aesthetically pleasing, gold is scientifically quite boring. It is chemically inert, meaning it doesn’t easily react with other chemicals and remains shiny for long periods which is why it...

A Tale of Two Twins Meets a Tale of Two Cities

20 Jul 2023

Let’s start with the twins. Aimee and Nancy are identical twins who agreed to take part in an experiment organized by Panorama, an excellent British television documentary that often deals with...

Of Toxic Earphones, Washing Machines, Sex Toys and Wolves at the Door

3 May 2023

Over the years I have answered, or at least tried to have answered, a staggering variety of questions. “Is it true that KFC is made from mutant laboratory chickens and not real chickens?” No. “Can...

Quack Clinics in Mexico Bet Big on Experimental Immunotherapy

14 Apr 2023

Despair is a powerful motivator. While some people travel to Mexico for pleasure and relaxation, others are prompted by despair. If you have been diagnosed with stage IV cancer and your doctors...

Awash in Carcinogens

12 Apr 2023

Sir Percival Pott took an interest in the scrota of men. Particularly chimney sweeps. Pott was an eminent surgeon who in 1775 published a seminal paper that for the first time identified an...


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