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Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Have You Ever Wondered About...

Thursday, March 21, 2013 13:30
Laurier Senior High School, CA

Why for years and years there were no red M&M's or how do they get that maraschino cherry to float in the syrup inside a Cherry Blossom?  What is the link between the bombardier beetle at the V-2 rocket?  Why does popcorn pop?  Why are there holes in Swiss cheese?  Have you ever considered why there are no nuts or grapes in Grape Nuts Flakes or why witches supposedly use broomsticks as a method of transportation?  Why did Van Gogh mangle his ear?  Were Agatha Christie's accounts of dastardly poisonings based on real science?  Can chocolate really make you fall in love?  After this presentation you’ll wonder no more!

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