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How can I stop getting static shocks?

20 Feb 2020

If you live in Canada, you know what a nightmare winter can be for your hair. No, not because of hat hair, (or at least not entirely because of hat hair), but because of static electricity! All...

Can Darth Vader Improve Your Winter Mood?

27 Sep 2019

If you saw Darth Vader endorse a product, would you feel the desire to buy it?

Did you know you should apply lip balm before your lips get chapped?

18 Jan 2018

Lip balms are not designed to repair your skin. Instead, their emollient properties create a barrier between your thin, vulnerable lips and the surrounding air. Skin becomes dry when water in its...

Bears Don’t Hibernate

16 Jan 2018

Bears do crawl into a cave and essentially sleep away the winter months, but what they’re doing is not hibernating, at least not in the true sense.

You're not imagining that chocolate sludge at the bottom of your hot cocoa

10 Oct 2017

If you've made hot cocoa with powder, you've probably experienced the dark sludge at the bottom of the cup. This chocolate goop seems unavoidable, despite being absolutely certain that you...

Tires and ice don't make for a good mix

20 Mar 2017

Ice is great in a beverage or on a skating rink but we don’t want it on our streets. How do we melt it? Potassium acetate, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride or  urea will do the...

Salt is used to melt ice, but it is also used to make ice cream. Why?

20 Mar 2017

Why is it that in hot countries we put salt on ice in the ice cream makers to keep the ice from melting, while in cold countries we put salt on ice to melt it? In both cases, the answer is based on...

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