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The Real Story Behind "21 Grams"

19 Jun 2019

The April 1907 issue of American Medicine featured a paper by Dr. Duncan Macdougall describing his experiment whereby the beds of dying patients were placed on a sensitive balance. Believe it or...

Can you be obese but still be healthy?

8 Feb 2019

In medical speak we talk, not about being fat, but about overweight or obese. We define being overweight as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25, and obesity as having a BMI over 30. Obesity is...

Why Are There so Many Different Body Types?

23 Aug 2018

While this question seems simple, it turns out there are a lot of complex processes behind your development of a particular body size or shape.

What is the mass of the kilogram based on?

13 May 2017

What is a kilogram? A seemingly easy question with a bizarre answer. The gram (1/1000th of a kilogram) is defined as the mass of one cubic centimetre of water at 0˚C, so it seems obvious that a...

Want to Lose Weight? Then Run, Don't Walk: Study

20 Mar 2017

Need to lose weight? Running will help more than walking, according to new research.And to keep off those lost pounds, continue running, suggests Paul Williams, a staff scientist at Lawrence...

Eating Less and Living More

20 Mar 2017

They feast on croissants that ooze butter. They eat creamy cheeses and fat-filled pastries. Breakfast is pain-au-chocolat washed down with espresso. There is no oatmeal in sight. I suspect most of...

The African Mango: Can Its Seeds Really Help You Lose Weight?

20 Mar 2017

Obesity is one of North America’s greatest nutritional challenges and it is now creeping into the developing world as well, thanks to the export of our dietary habits. But maybe we can import a...

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