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Rutabagas and Weight Loss

23 Apr 2021

I’ve judged a lot of science fairs in my life. I’ve seen innumerable baking soda volcanoes, vitamin C analyses and models of the solar system. Usually, the judges’ task is over once the winners are...

Sweetened Condensed Milk Was Popularized By Soldiers

22 Nov 2017

Gail Borden Jr first condensed milk in 1853 in an attempt to create a milk product that was shelf stable. He opened 2 factories to produce his product, but both ultimately failed, and it wasn’t...

Attention to Amphetamines

20 Mar 2017

During the Second World War Allied soldiers and pilots, like the Germans, were also issued amphetamines. This was not without controversy. The Luftwaffe soon gave up on the drugs because...

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