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vaccine hesitancy

March 18, 2021; "A Dose of Science"

22 Mar 2021

Video of March 18, 2021; A Dose of Science

Reassuring Data for Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

10 Dec 2020

Pfizer and BioNTech’s RNA vaccine against COVID-19 has just been authorized by Health Canada. There will be many Internet whispers, half-truths and lies about how it works and how safe it is, so...

(Nov. 12, 2020) "COVID & More" with Guest Dr. David Zlotnick

12 Nov 2020

Video of (Nov. 12, 2020): "COVID & More" with Guest Dr. David Zlotnick

The Anti-Vaccine Movement in 2020

22 May 2020

What does an antivaxxer and a far-right activist have in common? If the thought of someone who opposes vaccines brings to mind tie-dye shirts and tree hugging, your answer may be “nothing.” But...

Motivating Parents to Vaccinate: A Quebec Initiative

2 May 2019

The World Health Organization listed “vaccine hesitancy” as one of 10 threats to global health in 2019. The disappearance of vaccine-preventable childhood infections from our everyday lives,...

Ensuring That You're Protected Against Measles

2 May 2019

​This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

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