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trans fats

The Word “Cisgender” Has Scientific Roots

13 Nov 2021

In 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary added the word “cisgender” to its ever-evolving listing. It defines the adjective as “designating a person whose sense of personal identity and gender...

Fear of Frying

23 Nov 2020

The Wienerschnitzel was so large it hung off the plate. Topped with a sprinkling of chopped parsley and lemon juice, it was an absolute treat. To this day, my mouth waters whenever I recall my...

Canola Oil Safety

2 Sep 2020

To many, it’s a mystery. They don’t know if you hunt it, fish it, or grow it. But they know that somehow “canola” can be used to produce cooking oil. And, as is often the case with foods of a...

Stoned on Food

20 Mar 2017

The effort to eliminate trans fats from our diet may have more benefits than expected. There is near unanimous agreement that trans fats increase the risk of heart disease but eliminating them may...

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