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No, Traditional Chinese Medicine Has Not Been Vindicated by Science

10 Nov 2023

People love to show that skeptics were wrong about something, especially when national pride hangs in the balance.

Can You Turn Nausea Off at the Wrist?

6 Aug 2021

A few years ago, I found myself on a small boat in the Pacific Ocean. The weather conditions were dodgy, but our skipper decided to go ahead with the whale watching expedition. The first couple of...

Under The Microscope: Rose Petals

6 May 2019

Nowadays roses are mostly used for Bachelorette ceremonies and hipster lattes, but once upon a time roses, and their fruit, rose hips, were widely used as medicines....

From Cave Paintings to M&Ms

20 Mar 2017

Studies have shown that red is the colour that attracts attention. Its uses are timeless and endless. Since ancient times, the colour red has been involved in fashion, art, food and cosmetics. But...

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