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The Right Chemistry: The Kambo Cleanse

27 Sep 2019

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the "Kambo Cleanse"

You’re probably storing leftovers wrong (especially if it's rice)

11 Jul 2019

If, like me, you aim to cook dinners that provide both your next day’s lunch as well as a freezer portion to be thawed at some future date, you may want to stop. At least with rice.

"Dr." Sebi: What Do We Make of this Non-Doctor?

12 Apr 2019

A self-proclaimed healer who tried to get Michael Jackson off painkillers is back in the news. His chosen name was “Dr. Sebi”, but his real name was Alfredo Bowman and he was not a doctor. The man...

Sweating like a pig

18 Sep 2018

A graduate student at the University of California was having a little dispute with his girlfriend. It seems she had started massage school and came home with some newly acquired information from a...

Can you use a metal container to heat up food in a microwave?

12 Apr 2018

Apparently this question was prompted by a remark a guest made on the Dr. Oz Show. While speaking of “toxins” released from plastic he said something about stainless steel being preferable. This...

Snake Bitten

20 Mar 2017

Not many people have heard of boomslang. That’s not surprising because these venomous tree snakes are a super shy and non-aggressive species native to Sub-Saharan Africa. These snakes exhibit...

Eucalyptus Leaves: More than a Delicacy for Koalas

20 Mar 2017

Even the eccentric Sheldon Cooper, from the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory can’t resist the sight of cute koalas munching on eucalyptus leaves. Those familiar with Sheldon Cooper’s character would...

Foot Pad Nonsense

20 Mar 2017

This craziness is recommended by a variety of "alternative" practitioners. Detox patches! What amazing devices they are. Not only can they draw poisons out of the body, they can also infuse various...

Oil your Problems Away!

20 Mar 2017

Oh my! Yet another sure-fire detox! This time it's "oil pulling." I'm not pulling your leg with this one. The claim is that you swish oil, usually sunflower, sesame or coconut, around your mouth...


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