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Fake Snake News: How Not to Identify a Poisonous Snake

10 Jul 2018

There are almost no poisonous snakes. That’s because for something to be poisonous means it’s toxic if ingested. Like hemlock.

Safety and Chemistry of the Self-Cleaning Oven

18 Jun 2018

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The pitohui bird contains deadly batrachotoxin

26 Apr 2018

Did you know that the pitohui ("pit-oo-eey,") bird of New Guinea is the only bird known to contain a toxin?

Do Not Mess with a Bombardier Beetle!

28 Dec 2017

Why not? Because you risk being sprayed with a hot solution containing irritant chemicals known as benzoquinones.  In all likelihood it would be a memorable, but unhappy experience.  Based on their...

Antivenins for Snake Bites

20 Mar 2017

To make an antivenin, small doses of poison are injected into horses or goats.  The amount of toxin is not enough to kill the animal but is enough to trigger the production of antibodies.  These...

South American Poison Dart Frog

20 Mar 2017

There are several species of such frogs which contain such powerful toxins that just brushing against its poisonous skin is enough to kill an adult human. One hundredth of a milligram of...


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