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Not As Advertised: The Case Against Flushable Wipes

18 Jun 2020

Are flushable wipes flushable? You may be retorting, “Is the sky blue?”, but there is reason to be skeptical. On-going media coverage tells us that so-called flushable wipes should not be disposed...

Hand dryers or Paper Towel? That is the question.

20 Mar 2017

How many times have you washed your hands in a public bathroom and searched in vain for a paper towel dispenser? Who wants to wait around while some electronic gizmo on the wall blows lukewarm air...

Crisis in the Bathroom

20 Mar 2017

The British Journal of Urology reports a rash of penis-crush injuries associated with a trend towards installing heavy wooden and ornamental toilet seats. The problem is that when toddlers are...

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