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The One “Chip Challenge” Deserves a Heated Discussion

13 Sep 2023

The fact that the sauce was packaged in a box shaped like a coffin should have been a clue. On a trip to New Orleans I walked into one of the many shops that sell an array of hot sauces and are set...

Your Tongue Knows How the World Feels

11 Aug 2023

“Your tongue knows what everything feels like.” This phrase has 27.6M hits on TikTok, leaving people with their tongues hanging out and brows furrowed. Of course, we know the texture of our morning...

Another TikTok Trend Not Based on Science: Vabbing

10 May 2023

Vabbing, as the name perhaps suggests, involves the dabbing of vaginal secretions onto so-called pulse points of the body—wrists, neck, inside the elbows—just as you would a fragrance.

Peppermint Oil’s Pseudo High

23 Dec 2022

Burt’s Bees is my all-time favourite lip balm. I always keep a tube in my bag (sometimes more than one). So, when I found myself on the Burt’s Bees side of TikTok, I was excited to see that other...

Does passing vodka through a Brita filter really improve its taste?

14 Oct 2022

For many people “cheap” and “tastes good” are the main requisites when choosing an alcoholic drink. So, it is not a surprise that the Brita filter hack caught the internet’s attention — including...

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