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Battling Baldness

29 Mar 2023

It may seem hard to believe, but as late as 1942, male patients in some mental hospitals were castrated to quiet them. This extreme treatment did have some scientific basis, since testosterone, the...

Gynecomastia and Booby Traps

11 May 2022

One of my favourite Seinfeld episodes is “The Bro.” On discovering that George’s father, Frank, has “man-boobs,” Kramer concocts a male version of a bra, that he calls “The Bro.” Frank, who prefers...

Science vs. Joe Rogan

20 Nov 2021

“Lot of times, we’re drinking or we’re high, you know, and I say stupid shit.” Coming from a teenager, this statement may invoke memories of your own adolescence. But carried by the voice of then...

Many Men Prescribed Testosterone Don't Need It

22 Feb 2019

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

Cortisol, Testosterone and Finding a Mate

18 May 2017

For animals wanting to find the healthiest mate, cortisol (stress hormone) levels in their mates could have big implications. Luckily, it appears that animals detect cortisol levels through its...

Mathematician Alan Turing a Great Mind of the 20th Century

20 Mar 2017

Sir Winston Churchill said Alan Turing’s breaking of German codes for secret messages shortened the Second World War by two years. Computer scientists credit Turing with formulating the...

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