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So You Want to Pop Into a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to Rid Yourself of Wrinkles?

16 Jan 2020

Would you step into a pressurized cylinder to get rid of your wrinkles? A writer for The Daily Mail did in 2018 and her report, which reads more like an ad for the centre offering the service,...

Do Activated Charcoal Face Masks Actually Work?

2 Jan 2018

They are being talked about all over the Internet as a way of clarifying the skin and removing “toxins", but is there any science to back up the use of charcoal face masks?

Is Hyaluronic Acid All Hype?

29 Jun 2017

A quick search of Amazon for hyaluronic acid turns up thousands of products, from liquid serums to pills to creams that make a variety of claims. Balms and serums seem to focus on hyaluronic acid’s...

Why do tattoos stay in our skin?

22 May 2017

Our bodies are pretty good at ridding themselves of unwanted invaders, so why is it that we are able to inject ink into them, and have it stay? Over time, molecules are broken down by white blood...

What is Shania Twain’s Secret to Soft and Supple Skin?

20 Mar 2017

According to Shania, her secret is “udderly” simple. It has nothing to do with liposomes, pentapeptides, collagen or ceramides. She uses Bag Balm, a product originally developed to keep cow udders...

Club Med Dermatitis

20 Mar 2017

The young lady had just returned from a fun-filled vacation at Club Med.  The next day she was presented with a souvenir she didn't bargain for, a tender rash on both thighs.  Off she went to the...

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