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Jawing About French King Louis IX’s Jawbone

22 Mar 2023

Pathologists study the causes and effects of disease mostly through laboratory examination of samples taken from body tissues. But what does a paleopathologist do? Given that “paleo” comes from...

The Funny Bone Is Not a Bone

28 Oct 2022

With spooky season in full swing, houses are adorned with carved pumpkins, bedsheet ghosts, and decorative skeletons. The latter always catch my eye due to their poor anatomical accuracy. Even...

Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them in a London Museum

31 Oct 2018

Halloween is breathing down our necks, and with the holiday come frightful creatures. Horror literature is replete with fantastical hybrids and gargantuan beasts, but the real world itself may just...

People who opt for craniosacral therapy should have their head examined

20 Mar 2017

A while ago I wrote a little piece on "craniosacral therapy," which I'll share with you here. I never thought I would encounter this muddled piece of woo in Montreal. But it's here. You can check...

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