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Can You Repair Split Ends?

24 May 2024

I decided to start off my summer break with a much-needed haircut after neglecting to get a trim for a couple of months. As I settled into the salon chair and watched chunks of hair fall to the...

Washing your hair? In Vancouver soap will work, but in Montreal it has to be shampoo.

2 Jul 2021

Did you know that in Vancouver you can wash your hair with soap but in Montreal you need shampoo? Why? Because Vancouver water is soft and Montreal water is hard. That makes a big difference when...

Does the ingredient cocamidopropyl betaine, found in some personal care products, cause dermatitis?

25 Oct 2019

Cocamidopropyl betaine is a “surfactant” that can be found in shampoos, hand soaps and some cosmetics. These are molecules that congregate at the surface of substances that would not normally mix,...

Can Allerpet Solve Your Pet Allergies?

8 Feb 2019

Want to cuddle cats but can’t stand the coughing? Want to romp with Rover but avoid the red eyes? Allerpet markets itself as the product for you! Sadly, though, it doesn’t work.

If You Have a Nut Allergy You Might Want to Check Your Shampoo Ingredients

5 Apr 2018

Nut allergies affect about 2% of the Canadian population and can be broken down into tree nut allergies (like almonds or cashews) and peanut allergies (peanuts aren’t actually nuts but legumes)....

Sulfates in Shampoo

27 Jun 2017

As someone who likes to routinely dye my hair bright pinks, blues and purples, I’m often told by my hairdresser to use sulfate free shampoos. He often talks to me about how multiple bleachings and...

Formaldehyde in Baby Shampoo - Crunch the Numbers, Crunch the Scare

20 Mar 2017

It is a very small molehill. But to the folks at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) it seems more like Mount Everest. This organization’s recently released report features a cute baby smothered...

The "No-poo" Craze

20 Jan 2017

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Adele and Howie Mandel have in common? They don’t “poo.” No, we are not talking about chronic constipation. We are talking about not sham”poo”ing. With...

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