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Is This Gadget a Scam?

24 Nov 2023

Anyone who owns a car and who lives in snowy climes will be tempted by this. What if you could buy a small device that you left in your car and that magically melted the snow off of it and...

Scam or Not?

9 Sep 2023

Is this product a scam? I often get emails that start off with that query. The reference is usually to some dietary supplement the questioner encountered on the Internet that promises to...

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear, Especially when it Comes to Magical Solutions for Hearing Loss

19 May 2023

In the first 20 minutes of the movie Sound of Metal, the audience watches a young musician lose his hearing. As the background buzz of car motors, conversation, and birdsong fades to silence, we...

The Japanese Scientist and His Crappy Meat

20 Mar 2017

It sounds believable. After all the Japanese do eat some strange things. They eat “fugu,” prepared from puffer fish which if not properly eviscerated contains enough tetrodotoxin to kill the diner....

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