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From “Iron Fallout” to Hair Permanents

19 Jun 2024

For most people a car is just a vehicle that gets them from one place to another, and as far as cleanliness is concerned, occasionally driving through a car wash is good enough. But some...

Rust Doesn't Give You Tetanus

25 Oct 2018

Ever step on a rusty nail? It was, in all likelihood, rapidly followed by your parents dragging you to the doctor’s office for a painful (but safe!) tetanus shot. The memory of my first tetanus...

Cathodic Protection

20 Mar 2017

You use cathodic protection to prevent iron from rusting. The rusting of iron is an expensive process. It is estimated that the deterioration of iron due to corrosion costs billions of dollars a...

Rust stains in your bathtub?

20 Mar 2017

If you see reddish stains in your sink, bathtub, or heaven forbid, on your laundry, it's a good bet you've got iron in your water. Don't look for nuts and bolts dripping from your tap, this kind of...

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