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10,000 Steps: Myth or Fact?

29 Nov 2018

There is little doubt that sedentary behavior is bad for your health. Many people claim that “sitting is the new smoking,” even though the two are not really comparable. Smoking is orders of...

Can Nike's New Shoes Really Make You Run Faster?

26 Jul 2018

A New York Times’ study of 500,000 race times, set wearing Vaporflys and other shoes, confirmed Nike’s claims. They found that Vaporflys allowed a runner to run 1% faster than the next-fastest shoe...

Want to Lose Weight? Then Run, Don't Walk: Study

20 Mar 2017

Need to lose weight? Running will help more than walking, according to new research.And to keep off those lost pounds, continue running, suggests Paul Williams, a staff scientist at Lawrence...

Polar bears can run up to 40 km per hour!

20 Feb 2017

Polar bears can run as fast as 40 kilometers per hour—but only for short distances. Younger, leaner bears are the best runners and are able to cover two kilometers without stopping. Older and...

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