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The Curious Sexual and Asexual Habits of the Mighty Mite

3 Mar 2023

Have you ever heard of pancake syndrome? No, it’s not the medicalization of having breakfast for dinner, nor is it a skin rash reminiscent of those delicious flat cakes. It’s a severe allergic...

How Come You Never See a Baby Housefly?

16 Jul 2021

Simple. Because baby houseflies don’t exist. A little backgrounder on the flies’ reproductive cycle can clear up this apparent conundrum. Within a week of mating, a doggie-style activity lasting...

What to Expect from a COVID-19 Vaccine When You’re Expecting or Breastfeeding

28 May 2021

What should public health bodies do in the absence of data? And, even more importantly, what should the people left to make an important health decision do when no data is available?...

Masturbation Myths

20 Mar 2017

Valentine’s Day is here and everyone is talking about love! But for many people in our modern society, a fulfilling love life also involves an active and healthy sex life. Although we have come a...

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