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Toxic Chemicals in the Environment

20 Mar 2017

Virtually no day goes by without an alert from the media about some chemical in the environment that is suspected of harming our health. It may do this by disrupting our hormones, triggering cancer...

Electronic Waste

20 Mar 2017

Some people are concerned about radiation from cell phones possibly causing brain tumours. Others worry about exposure to wi-fi causing cancer. And now I’m getting questions about whether cell...

Coming from the Earth doesn't Make Something Safe

20 Mar 2017

You may have heard of propylene glycol in several contexts. It is used as a safer alternative to ethylene glycol in antifreeze, as a preservative in foods and cosmetics, as a solvent in some...

Toys and Toxins

20 Mar 2017

Buying toys used to be easy. You went into a toy store, looked around and found something you liked. What mattered was whether the rubber ducky had an appealing look and feel or whether the doll...


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