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Can We Get Smarter By Popping a Pill?

27 Mar 2024

We live in a world where people attempt to settle differences with insane wars and acts of terror. We foul our nest with an array of pollutants. We succumb to preventable diseases. We struggle to...

The Vitamin D Puzzle

24 Jan 2024

Walk into any pharmacy or health food store and you will see shelves filled with vitamin D supplements. Then stroll over to a bookstore and you will find all sort of books touting the wonders of...

The Antivirals are Coming!

12 Nov 2021

I continue to be amazed by science. The ability to predict to the second when an eclipse will occur at a specific location in the world, the know-how to build a jetliner that requires the cohesive...


20 Mar 2017

Picture this. You swallow a little pill, wait until it irritates your intestines enough to expel its contents and then hunt through the expelled excrement to retrieve the pill. Why? So you can use...

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