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Little Dogs Raise Their Legs High to Pee, Thinking It Makes Them Look Tough

8 Aug 2018

Female dogs opt for less yoga-like squatting postures than their male companions, who can sometimes be seen with their leg so far in the air they seem about ready to topple over. It turns out that...

Can "Dog Rocks" stop dogs from staining my lawn?

7 Jun 2018

“Dog Rocks” are supposed to solve the problem of grass dying from dog pee. Urine contains a variety of nitrogen compounds, mostly metabolites of protein in food. These are effective fertilizers,...

A Leg-Raising Experiment

2 Jun 2017

Bladder cancer in humans has been associated with cigarette smoking.  Since dogs can also develop this deadly cancer, they can serve as model for evaluating treatment methods.  In a study at the...

S-methylthioacrylate, S-methyl-3-(methylthio)thiopropionate and Asparagus?

20 Mar 2017

Asparagus is a wonderful vegetable. Both in taste and in its chemistry. One aspect of its chemistry has been apparent for a long time. A French book on food published in 1702 noted that asparagus...

Pee in a Resevoir is Nothing to be Worried About

20 Mar 2017

I thought this was a joke, but it turns out that it is very real. Officials in Portland, Oregon drained a reservoir, at considerable expense, because a teenager urinated into the water. This is...

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