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Fishing for Evidence on Omega-3s and Dry Eyes

12 Feb 2020

Are omega-3s the new vitamin C? In the past few years, these fats, primarily found in fish and flaxseeds, have acquired a reputation as veritable superheroes. Have arthritis? Try omega-3s! Don’t...

How Do You Like Your Salmon?

3 Dec 2019

If you’re not particularly salmon savvy you may be under the impression that “salmon” is an individual species of fish, like how a black bear is an individual species of bear. That, however, is not...

Could Omega 3's be used as a treatment for ADHD?

20 Mar 2017

My question is regarding the treatment of ADHD. I'm a psychologist in private practice on the West Island, specializing in assessments for ADHD and learning disabilities, etc. I usually talk about...

Fishy Data on Fish Oil Supplements

20 Mar 2017

Repeat after me: “Repetition does not confer truth.” If you go by the frequency with which media reports scream about us poor souls walking the proverbial plank, prodded by the sword of...

Omega-3 Eggs

20 Mar 2017

The good news about omega-3 fats keeps mounting. Doctors in a hospital in Portugal treated patients suffering from sepsis, a runaway infection of the blood, with fish oils and found that they...

What is Nutritional Armour?

20 Mar 2017

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that this term was coined by the US Department of Defense and refers to the possibility of supplementing or fortifying soldiers’ rations with omega-3 fats. The hope...

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