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Cashews and almonds aren’t technically nuts. So what are they?

10 Jul 2020

You may have already heard that peanuts are not nuts. They are actually legumes and are members of the pea family. But did you know that cashews, almonds, and several other common “culinary nuts”...

If You Have a Nut Allergy You Might Want to Check Your Shampoo Ingredients

5 Apr 2018

Nut allergies affect about 2% of the Canadian population and can be broken down into tree nut allergies (like almonds or cashews) and peanut allergies (peanuts aren’t actually nuts but legumes)....

Nuts to You

20 Mar 2017

“Observational” studies are interesting but “interventional” studies are the nuts and bolts of nutritional science. And talking about nuts, a study just published in the New England Journal of...

Can walnuts reduce the risk of heart disease?

20 Mar 2017

Want to reduce your risk of heart disease? The California Walnut Commission makes it simple. Eat Walnuts. And the U.S. Food and Drug Administration agrees. Sort of. The following claim is allowed...

Can nuts reduce your risks of heart disease?

20 Mar 2017

One third of North Americans may have high blood cholesterol levels. This of course puts them at an increased risk for heart disease, the number one killer in North America. But cholesterol can be...

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