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“Do you expect me to talk?” No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

27 May 2021

That’s the classic exchange between British Secret Service agent James Bond and archvillain Auric Goldfinger as a laser beam begins to inch up the gold-plated table on which Bond is bound,...

Rats Don't Really Squeak

30 May 2017

Despite what movies would have you think, rats barely ever make any sounds, at least those that humans are able to hear. Rat’s vocalizations start at around 2 kHz and extend as far up as 100 kHz....

Fear of Killer Bees

24 May 2017

In about 1956, biologists in Brazil imported a number of queen honeybees from Tanzania, intending to crossbreed them with local honey bees to produce a strain that made more honey and was better...

Math behind the movies

6 Apr 2017

I remember back in high school math class, wondering aloud (to the teacher, no less- I was not shy) why I needed to take math. I was absolutely certain that I would never be entering a profession...

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