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Giving “Worried Sick” a Whole New Meaning

9 Apr 2021

Catherine Wang is a biomedical science student at McGill University, specializing in anatomy and cell biology....

Can Darth Vader Improve Your Winter Mood?

27 Sep 2019

If you saw Darth Vader endorse a product, would you feel the desire to buy it?

Does Tylenol Affect Human Empathy?

3 May 2019

Tylenol is a trade name for acetaminophen, a medication that has been used for over a hundred years to treat pain and fever. Unlike acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) it does not affect blood clotting...

Can ASEA Improve Health as Advertised?

20 Mar 2017

When I first came across a “wonder” product called ASEA on the web, I thought someone had come up with a clever parody.  The Internet of course is full of of ads for supplements, drinks and...

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