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If Male Athletes Can Run Fast, Female Athletes Can Run Far

22 Jun 2023

In schoolyards worldwide, the phrase “you run like a girl” is often used as an insult. We are used to seeing male athletes jump higher, lift heavier weights, and run faster than female athletes due...

Mitochondria: A Story of Mothers, Teenagers, and Energy

30 Sep 2022

Certain concepts simply irk me. They are often needlessly complicated and their meaning gets distorted in an attempt to make them understandable. Take, for example, the idea of a Mitochondrial Eve.

How the Cell Makes a Living

11 Mar 2022

What is the smallest unit of life? If a living thing is like the rain, what are the raindrops it is made of?...

The Droning Preacher of Mitochondrial Ecstasy

4 Feb 2021

Sometimes a highly credentialed person steeped in the sciences has a misleading epiphany and makes a 90-degree course correction, building a large following of people who resonate with their new...

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