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Scam or Not?

9 Sep 2023

Is this product a scam? I often get emails that start off with that query. The reference is usually to some dietary supplement the questioner encountered on the Internet that promises to...

Take biotin? For most, better to save your money

24 Feb 2023

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette.

Myths About Vitamins are Hard to Dislodge

30 Jun 2022

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette....

Can Science Explain the New Star Wars Planet?

6 Feb 2018

Science fiction movies are usually a little more fiction than science, but you never know where you might catch a glimmer of the real world. For instance, take the bona fide space classic: Star...

Is there lead in my lipstick?

20 Mar 2017

Had a question about lead in lipstick. You won't see lead listed on the label but doesn’t mean that there is no lead in the product. Certainly there is no lead added on purpose, but the presence of...

Supplement Purity

20 Mar 2017

When it comes to taking multivitamin supplements several questions arise. First, are they necessary for everyone? And if so, what are the appropriate amounts? And finally, are there significant...

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