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An End to “Gilder’s Palsy”

24 Feb 2023

Physicians today are unlikely to encounter “Gilder’s palsy.” But prior to the 19th century this ailment had to be considered when a patient presented with tremors, irritability, increased...

Dental Amalgam: What's the Drill?

6 Nov 2019

While dental amalgam has been in use for well over a century, some controversy has arisen in recent decades regarding possible toxicity due to its mercury content. The internet is rife with...

Should We Worry About Metals in Vaccines?

27 Jun 2019

​This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette....

A Little Mercurial History

10 Apr 2019

“Since calomel’s become their boast,/ How many patients have they lost?/ How many thousands they make ill,/ Of poison with their calomel?” So ran a little verse written in 1825 by an unknown poet...

You Can Still See the Division of East and West Berlin from Space

7 Jun 2018

Berlin might be united now, but evidence of its 40-year history of division still remains. ...

Mercury Poisoning

30 May 2017

Acute mercury poisoning from a large dose of a soluble mercury may cause damage to the kidneys, intestines, and mouth, and the symptoms are vomiting, stomach pains, weak pulse, and difficulty in...

The “Danbury Shakes”

10 Apr 2017

Danbury, Connecticut used to be the center of the American hat industry. It was also known for the “Danbury shakes,” a condition that encompassed tremors, incoherent speech, difficulty in walking...


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