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Hype, Hope and Leqembi

11 Jan 2023

The word “qembi” roughly translates as beautiful, elegant or healthy and was somewhat ambitiously chosen as the root for “Leqembi,” the Alzheimer’s disease drug that recently made a big media...

The Antivirals are Coming!

12 Nov 2021

I continue to be amazed by science. The ability to predict to the second when an eclipse will occur at a specific location in the world, the know-how to build a jetliner that requires the cohesive...

The Costly Reprogramming of the Immune System to Fight off Cancer

18 Oct 2019

Alternative medicine, with its universal boogeymen and safe panaceas, gives us a simplistic (and wrong) view of the world. Medicine, on the other hand, often demands that we make tough choices....

Why can I taste saline and medications when they're inserted into my IV?

18 Sep 2018

Someone recently asked me if I had ever heard a patient complain that they could taste saline and medications when injected into their IV. Truth is, I had never heard of this before, but apparently...

A Question of Evidence

20 Mar 2017

When we take a medication, we trust there is evidence that it will work. When we apply a cosmetic, we trust there is evidence that it is safe. When we put on a sunscreen, we trust there is evidence...

The Grapefruit-Drug Interaction

15 Feb 2017

As you might expect, the situation is more complicated than it first seems.

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