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Phenylethylamine is Said To Stoke the Fire of Love. Here Comes the Water Bucket.

14 Feb 2024

American humorist James Thurber reputedly once remarked that “love is a strange bewilderment which overtakes one person on account of another person.” Anyone who has ever been in love will agree....

Want to cuddle? Personality is likely to get you further than oxytocin.

10 Dec 2021

Why do people cuddle? According to a slew of media reports, that answer lies in oxytocin, dubbed either the “cuddle chemical” or the “love hormone.” English pharmacologist and neurophysiologist Sir...

The "Chemical of Love"

13 Feb 2020

The aphrodisiac story of chocolate is an ancient one, going back all the way to 1519 and the first visit of the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes to Mexico. Cortes found much to his liking here, in...

Counting on Chocolate

15 Feb 2019

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and you are probably fed up with all the stories about chocolate that the media feels obliged to trot out at this time every year. There are the usual...

Searching for Passion

13 Feb 2019

Humans are absolutely passionate when it comes to searching for passion. The variety of substances that have been tried over the years to provoke sexual desire is truly astounding. Bird’s nest soup...

Sex and Nothing to Show for It

12 Oct 2017

Could your partner ever convince you that you were cheating on them when you had no recollection of the on-going affair?...

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