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The Right Chemistry: Leaded Coffee

4 Mar 2021

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the use of the term “leaded coffee Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the use of the term “leaded coffee".

Biting into Dental Fillings

22 Jul 2020

The common word in French for dental fillings is “plombage”, which may sound a little surprising since it roughly translates to “to fill with lead”. That is because if you had a cavity in France in...

Lead Bullets Can Harm in More Ways Than One

10 May 2019

It’s probably not news to anyone reading this that lead exposure is dangerous, but when most of us think of routes to lead exposure we think of leaded gasoline, paints, drinking water or pencils ...

Under the Microscope: Graphite

8 Apr 2019

Pencils do not contain any lead, and they never did! The mistake in terminology can be traced back to the ancient Romans who drew lines on papyrus using pieces of actual lead, all the while not...

Alcohol should not be stored in leaded crystal decanters

8 Mar 2019

Glass is made by heating sand and then allowing it to cool down. Sand, or silicon dioxide, has a highly ordered arrangement of its silicon and oxygen atoms. In other words, it has a well-defined...

A Tarnished Gold Rush

20 Mar 2017

It’s hard for us here in North America to believe that gold is killing hundreds of children in Nigeria. Well, it isn’t exactly the gold that is killing them, it is the lead oxide and lead carbonate...

Lead - A stain on chocolate?

20 Mar 2017

Lead is nasty. Since the body has a tough time eliminating it, exposure to very small amounts can cause poisoning over the long term. Diagnosis of lead poisoning is challenging because of the...

Why has California issued a health advisory about eating fried grasshoppers covered with chili - a traditional Mexican treat?

20 Mar 2017

Worry about contamination with lead! Chili powder is at the heart of Mexican cuisine and finds its way into numerous foods ranging from candies and salsa to fried grasshoppers. Unfortunately...

Is there lead in my lipstick?

20 Mar 2017

Had a question about lead in lipstick. You won't see lead listed on the label but doesn’t mean that there is no lead in the product. Certainly there is no lead added on purpose, but the presence of...


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