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Testing of Chemicals

20 Mar 2017

You’ve seen the headlines. Of the 80,000 or so synthetic chemicals in the market place only a few thousand have been adequately tested. Activist groups constantly scream about inadequate testing...

Hygiene and Health

20 Mar 2017

We’ve grown up with the idea that dirt is bad. If you drop food on the floor, don’t dare to pick it up and eat it. Sanitize your kitchen and bathroom with “germ killers.” Filter your water. Purify...

Apple Juice, Arsenic, and Dr. Oz

20 Mar 2017

When anyone says "arsenic" and people automatically respond with “poison.” Of course they are right. There is no doubt that arsenic can kill you. And it can do so quickly by disrupting the...

How Chemicals Affect Us

20 Mar 2017

A recent New York Times article featured the headline “How Chemicals Affect Us.” Even before reading a single word, I was pretty sure the columnist was not going to discuss how antibiotics cure...

Plastics in the Kitchen

20 Mar 2017

Oh, those analytical chemists. They do cause problems don’t they? With their ability to find the presence of chemicals at parts per trillion, they can not only find the needle in the proverbial...

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