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Mozart’s Music Doesn’t Make Baby Geniuses

8 Mar 2024

There is an alchemy to science. Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, the results of tiny, preliminary studies are transformed into truisms that spread the world over. For example,...

Is fish really brain food?

20 Mar 2017

Is fish really brain food? P.G. Wodehouse certainly thought so. In his wonderful “Jeeves” stories, Bertie Wooster encourages his brainy butler to eat more fish whenever a particularly challenging...

Pesticides in Utero

20 Mar 2017

Can the decline in rational thinking that we seem to be experiencing these days be due to pesticide exposure while we were in the womb? That may not be as harebrained as it sounds. 

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

20 Mar 2017

"You should have your head examined!" We've all heard that expression at some time after expressing some thought that was perceived as being ridiculous. Of course this is not meant to be taken...

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