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Dressing to Look a Certain Way: Athletes and Jersey Numbers

12 Sep 2023

Why do athletes choose a certain jersey number? Sometimes it might just be a superstition. Maybe it's their birthday, like Sidney Crosby #87 born on 8/7/87.

The Masked Kids Are Alright

25 Feb 2022

It is easy to raise the spectre of science to scare people. Talk about a new vaccine technology messing with your DNA and you’ve conjured up instant anxiety. It is an especially potent technique...

What is Safety Glass?

2 Jul 2021

Basically, glass that keeps you safe from flying shards should you be nearby when it breaks. There are two types of safety glass, laminated and tempered. The laminated version has an interesting...

Carey Price and the “personal trainer”

24 Jan 2018

It pains me to write this because I’m a Carey Price fan. He has delighted us with spectacular saves on too many occasions to count. But now he seems to be teetering on the brim of the pit of...


20 May 2017

Many athletes regularly smear a black greasy substance known as “eye black” underneath their eyes to reduce glare from the sun or stadium lights. Amazingly, this trend was started by the most...

Gordie Howe's "Miracle Therapy"

20 Mar 2017

After the 86-year-old hockey legend suffered disabling strokes last fall, his family took him to a clinic in Mexico where he underwent experimental stem cell treatment. The procedure involved...

The 1950 NHL ice change

20 Mar 2017

The ice was painted white. Artificial ice, which is a misnomer since it is very real ice, is made by pouring water over a concrete surface that can be cooled by circulating refrigerated brine...

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