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Will watering plants with heated microwaved water kill them?

20 Mar 2017

The email features pictures of plants supposedly watered either with microwaved water or with water that has been heated on a stove top. Supposedly this little research gem was carried out by a...

Lightbulbs Discolour With Age

21 Feb 2017

Have you ever wondered why tungsten light bulbs develop a black deposit as they age? This deposit is metallic tungsten, the same stuff that the filament is made of. A lightbulb produces heat and...

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

21 Feb 2017

The greenhouse effect is caused by gases in the atmosphere that let sunlight through, but prevent some of the heat it generates from being re-emitted, acting as a blanket around the earth. If we...

Can coffee explode in the microwave?

20 Feb 2017

A sensational sounding e-mail about “exploding coffee” has been making the rounds. It describes the misadventures of an unfortunate soul who heated up water for coffee in a microwave oven. When he...


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