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Can These Glasses Put an End to Colour Blindness?

12 Dec 2018

Serendipity plays a big role in science. Many discoveries begin with a puzzling observation followed by, “That’s weird”. Don McPherson developed special lenses for surgeons to use when employing...

How does anti-fog spray work?

30 Apr 2018

When water vapour from the air condenses on a cold glass surface, such as one's eye glasses, you'll end up with droplets of water. These droplets are commonly known as fog. And with fog, comes...

What is bone conduction?

31 May 2017

There are some cool products on the market right now that claim to conduct sound through the bones in your face or head, allowing the wearer to hear music or phone calls, but not allowing others to...

Dr. Sen’s Perfect Vision System

20 Mar 2017

I’m accustomed to being forwarded all sorts of videos about miraculous cures that are being suppressed by the establishment. There’s usually some “maverick doctor” who has made an astounding,...

Cadmium Issues

20 Mar 2017

Shrek the friendly ogre delighted audiences in the 2010 movie hit “Shrek Forever After.” But for fast food giant McDonald’s, Shrek turned out to be a nightmare. As a cross promotional feature, the...

How Do Anti-Fog sprays for Glasses Work?

20 Mar 2017

The fog on glasses consists of small droplets of liquid water. This happens because water vapour from the air condenses on the cold glass surface. The droplets are thick enough to distort our...

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