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What is Safety Glass?

2 Jul 2021

Basically, glass that keeps you safe from flying shards should you be nearby when it breaks. There are two types of safety glass, laminated and tempered. The laminated version has an interesting...

The Connection Between Frosted Lightbulbs & Bad Pick-Up Lines

21 May 2019

Way back in 1771, Swedish chemist Karl Wilhelm Scheele was investigating the properties of a mineral known as fluorspar (calcium fluoride). He mixed the pulverized rock with sulfuric acid and...

How are mirrors made?

13 Jun 2018

Imagine the surprise of the first cave person who ever glanced into a reflecting pond. The image probably wasn't too pleasing but the effect was surely intriguing. Vanity was instantly born and the...

Borax and slimy concerns

31 Mar 2017

Health Canada recently issued an advisory about minimizing exposure to borax based on some studies that have found developmental and reproductive problems in animals. This raised questions among...

Pyrex Wonders

20 Mar 2017

Glass is made by mixing and heating silica (sand), sodium carbonate (soda) and limestone (calcium carbonate).  But, as we know, glass breaks quite easily, especially when subjected to sudden...

Happy New Year to All! Pour the Champagne!

20 Mar 2017

Champagne time! Make sure you drink it from the right kind of glass!...

Lightbulbs Discolour With Age

21 Feb 2017

Have you ever wondered why tungsten light bulbs develop a black deposit as they age? This deposit is metallic tungsten, the same stuff that the filament is made of. A lightbulb produces heat and...

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