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Gin Mania

15 Jan 2020

Between 1715 and 1750 there were more deaths than births in London, with the greatest mortality among children. Many of these deaths were due to fetal alcohol syndrome as unhappy mothers-to-be...

Did you know that malaria spawned the gin and tonic?

27 Sep 2018

Malaria kills around 400 thousand individuals annually. It’s the result of a bodily infection by single-celled parasitic organisms from the Plasmodium genus and causes fever, vomiting, chills and...

All Alcoholic Beverages are Watered Down

24 Jan 2018

In most of the world alcohol content is measured by volume. This gives us the familiar 12.5% on the side of a wine bottle. But what does this percentage really mean? 

Gin...without the tonic

20 Mar 2017

While there is no scientific evidence that gin has any medicinal benefit, one piece of folklore has persisted. That’s the use of gin-soaked raisins to treat arthritis. The common recipe is to take...

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