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Turkey Doesn’t Make You Sleepy

29 Mar 2024

This article was first published in The Skeptical Inquirer....

Chocoholics: A True Addiction or a Funny Word?

25 May 2022

In the third novel of the Harry Potter series, the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry encounters the “Dementors” for the first time -- creatures that feed on hope and happiness. When he is left with a...

What is modified palm oil?

21 Jan 2022

This is a term you will see on the ingredients list of numerous products ranging from margarine and shortening to chocolate bars. I’ve been repeatedly asked about the presence of modified palm oil...

Why can’t you use low-fat margarine for frying?

6 Aug 2021

Margarine is fat. It’s just a different kind of fat from butter. Whereas butter contains mostly saturated fats, margarine’s fats are unsaturated. This just refers to a slight variation in the...

Will "The Game Changers" Change Your Game?

11 Dec 2019

The documentary “The Game Changers” has been picking up steam on Netflix. This is basically a two-hour promo for a vegan lifestyle focusing on a few athletes who attribute their high-level...

Is Kosher soap unsafe because it contains lye?

23 Aug 2019

Shira Cohen is studying Nutrition at the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University, specializing in Global Nutrition. 

What is the difference is between regular candles and dripless candles?

29 Mar 2019

Candles are one of the oldest forms of generating light. Any flame, of course, is a source of light so candles emerged from a search for materials that could burn for a long time. Nobody knows who...


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