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Eels and humans have something in common - they're both ELECTRIC!

1 Feb 2018

You’ve probably heard of electric eels but did you know that there are electric bacteria? Or that humans also use electricity physiologically?

The Concrete Truth About Batteries Stored on Concrete

20 Nov 2017

Have you heard the one about batteries discharging when stored on concrete? Apparently, some people have taken to storing 12V batteries—the kind used in electric wheel chairs and emergency lighting...

What happens when lightening strikes a plane?

3 Jul 2017

Have you ever been in a plane that was struck by lightning? It happens to the average plane about once a year. It’s a terrifying experience to be sure, but the passengers inside are actually...

An electrifying experience

25 Apr 2017

A diabetic patient complained of feeling a tingling in his feet and hands, which to his physician sounded like the beginnings of diabetic nerve damage. Paradoxically, though, he only got this...

Professor Aldini’s Strange Antics

20 Mar 2017

Professor Aldini began by swabbing the ears with salt water.  Then he attached a metal wire to each ear and proceeded to connect them to a battery.  Almost immediately the subject’s face contorted...

Are Wind Farms Really Bad for People's Health?

20 Mar 2017

At present wind turbines produce a little over 2% of Canada’s electricity.  The industry’s goal is to have this number go up to 20% by 2025 leading to a rapid expansion of wind farms around the...


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