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Toxic Clothing

21 Apr 2022

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most famous stories. It is the tale of two scoundrels who claim to have found a way to weave a wondrous fabric that can only be seen...

Why do tattoos stay in our skin?

22 May 2017

Our bodies are pretty good at ridding themselves of unwanted invaders, so why is it that we are able to inject ink into them, and have it stay? Over time, molecules are broken down by white blood...

From Cave Paintings to M&Ms

20 Mar 2017

Studies have shown that red is the colour that attracts attention. Its uses are timeless and endless. Since ancient times, the colour red has been involved in fashion, art, food and cosmetics. But...

Food Dyes-The Science

20 Mar 2017

I’m sure Lisa Leake is a well-meaning young lady and a fine mother. But I think she could use a lesson in chemistry. Lisa and fellow food blogger Vani Hari are the movers and shakers behind a...

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