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Fake Drugs, Real Problems

31 May 2023

We are drowning in fraud. Simply defined, fraud is intentional deception, usually for monetary gain. We have become used to robo-calls telling us that we have been subjected to a tax audit and had...

Generic Drugs and Ambivalent Attitudes

31 Mar 2023

Generic drugs offer low-cost alternatives to brand-name drugs and account for over ¾ of the prescriptions filled in Canada. Despite this, many people have lingering doubts, fears or negative...

This Anti-Drug Pamphlet Has a Hidden Motive

18 Nov 2022

It was inside a tiny restaurant on Clerk Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, that I spotted the pamphlets. I was waiting for my meal, sitting in front of a narrow ledge that served as both a table and...

What HBO’s Euphoria Teaches Us About Opioid Use

11 Nov 2022

When season two of HBO’s Euphoria came out earlier this year, it painted a vivid picture of the chaotic lives of a group of high school students. From relationships, social media, to drug use and...

Is there a legitimate medical use for camphor?

31 Mar 2022

It wasn't so long ago that mothers would treat their children's colds by hanging little bags of camphor around their necks. The strong medicinal smell probably had some effect in opening up...

Learning From The Movies

18 Mar 2022

Both groups struggled with the same problem. How to extract and purify a chemical that is part of a complex mixture? For researchers led by Dr. Frederick Banting at the University of Toronto in...

A Real “Breaking Bad” Story

3 Dec 2021

As a chemistry professor, I find it particularly appalling when a member of the profession goes astray. That is just what Professor Bradley Allen Rowland did at Henderson State University in...

The Antivirals are Coming!

12 Nov 2021

I continue to be amazed by science. The ability to predict to the second when an eclipse will occur at a specific location in the world, the know-how to build a jetliner that requires the cohesive...

Is it true that the Beatles wrote a song about LSD?

15 Oct 2021

"Tangerine trees and marmalade skies" are to be found in the lyrics of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," one of the Beatles' greatest hits. Some have claimed that the first letters of Lucy, Sky and...


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