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For a Pet with Allergies, Feathers May Be the Unexpected Solution

30 Dec 2022

The difference between hypoallergenic and anallergenic pet foods is subtle but important. The Greek prefix hypo- means “lacking” or “less.” Hence, someone who is hypothermic is lacking in heat, and...

Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Trouble with Disease-Sniffing Dogs

10 Sep 2020

If getting tested for cancer meant having a Labrador retriever sniff you for a few seconds, would it make the procedure more enjoyable? Just writing down this question, which has an obvious answer...

Your Pets May Be Susceptible to COVID-19, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Panic

1 May 2020

Since the pandemic began, news of animals becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 has been trickling in from across the world. From a 17-year-old Pomeranian in Hong Kong to a tiger from the Bronx Zoo,...

Can Allerpet Solve Your Pet Allergies?

8 Feb 2019

Want to cuddle cats but can’t stand the coughing? Want to romp with Rover but avoid the red eyes? Allerpet markets itself as the product for you! Sadly, though, it doesn’t work.

Are Cats and Dogs Colourblind?

23 Apr 2018

Si tu veux lire cet article en français, cliquez ici!

Encompassing Dogs

20 Mar 2017

Because my wife and I had a wonderful dog for nearly 9 years and since I give a lecture on human waste in our Environment course at McGill, I was most interested to see the article that is making...

Is it true that dogs are being poisoned by propylene glycol in some dogfoods?

20 Mar 2017

Numerous Internet posts attempt to scare dog owners with questions like “Is It a Dog Food Aide or Automotive Antifreeze?” The reference is to propylene glycol, a chemical added to some dog foods to...

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