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You Probably Don’t Have a Leaky Gut

23 Feb 2024

There is a world in which our gut is leaking and causing all manner of diseases. It is not our world, but the trip through the looking-glass is an easy one to make.

Duck S**t tea? I want some!

21 Sep 2023

Given my interest in collecting anything that is “ducky,” you’ll understand why I was drawn to ads for “Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong” tea. That translates to, and I kid you not, “Duck Shit Aroma” tea. Of...

Scam or Not?

9 Sep 2023

Is this product a scam? I often get emails that start off with that query. The reference is usually to some dietary supplement the questioner encountered on the Internet that promises to...

Who needs guts?

8 Sep 2023

Imagine not being able to eat a meal with family or friends. That is the case for people who have a condition known as short bowel syndrome (SBS). When large segments of the intestines are missing,...

What happens when you swallow chewing gum?

28 Jul 2023

This article was first published in The Skeptical Inquirer.

Cancer’s Sweet Tooth

17 Dec 2021

To the surprise of many, however, cancer cells are defective at producing the very fuel they need to grow and spread, but manage to overcome the innate “disability” and out-compete normal healthy...

Pineapple for Eye Floaters: Sweet Deal or Pipe Dream?

11 Dec 2021

Shadow puppetry can be beautiful to look at, but when it’s happening inside our eyeballs, it’s an annoyance. One of the banes of getting older is the appearance of apparitions in our vision. In...

The Dark Matter Inside Your Gut

21 May 2021

There is a kind of dark matter inside our intestinal tract. “Dark matter” is the phrase coined for the matter that is implied to be present in the universe based on physicists’ calculations but...

In Death, Our Body Feasts on Itself

20 May 2021

A pretty morbid question perhaps, but why is it that our body does not decompose while we are alive? Most of the post-mortem changes that affect our body are the result of things we already carry...


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